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26 Can I copy your HTML pages and upload on my domain?   643
27 Are there any other fee requirements? For example, do I have to pay for a license in year 2?   638
28 When Does MME4 Start?   623
29 I Forgot My Login Details   608
30 You mentioned we'll receive the platinum commissions after 60-90 days. Is there minimum price to get it?   591
31 Will it be possible to only put the 2CO button on my sites? I cannot have anyone paying their subscriptions to me using Paypal as I will not receive those funds from Paypal.   584
32 Will my sites sit on my own domain? Or will they be sub domains? And if they are subdomains, how will that affect natural SEO?   583
33 Would I get commissions every month until he/she has been cancel? Or these commissions will be paid only one time?   583
34 Why my banners and log out link do not work, when I am checking them from my account.   578
35 Where to paste my reseller link #2 in my aweber ?   577
36 Do all 5 sites come with the upgrade options?   545
37 Do i need to set up an account with paypal and where do i get the url logout   541
38 How can I upload long sales letter to my webpage?   541
39 When someone upgrades to gold I guess they still stay on my same list as when they were silver, right? So do I promote to both silver and gold members together?   540
40 When is MME4 Access Being Released?   539
41 If we use the first link "Hosted version" with free access, do those people get on our lists? I know you send them 5 emails promoting the gold membership, but what happens after that? Do we get to promote to them or are they lost?   539
42 I am able to purchase targeted double and single opt-in leads from a reputable company. Where should I send them?   539
43 I have signed up with Aweber. They are asking for a URL address. Would this be your address i.e. www.affiliateprofitsclub.com?   538
44 My website (not yet created) should have references to each of the membership sites within it and their respective URL's to enable subscribers to log in and receive the information produced by MME4?   538
45 My membership is showing Expired and I cannot login   538
46 How do I change my email address ?   537
47 Can you tell me how quickly, and approx how much content will be added to the Silver MS   536
48 We can get the 100% of commissions from Silver and Gold accounts of your 5 clubs; 50% commission from platinum, right?   535
49 I have set up my web pages for my 5 websites, I was wondering about the follow up e-mails after someone opts in to my silver program, how do I set up the 4-5 follow up e-mails to up sell to a Gold and Platinum membership? Is it already setup or do I have   534
50 I have paid with an eCheck and have not received my login details.   533
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